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May 2020 Session Summary

May 12, 2020 Meeting

The Session met via Zoom on May 12, 2020.

Rev. Rigoulot opened the meeting in prayer and then Karen Poarch read and the Session

reflected on Acts 2:43-47.

The Session approved the minutes from the Clerk.

The Session received and discussed a letter from a member urging the Session to open the church for worship. The Worship Ministry Team recommended that the congregation be encouraged to continue to worship online, but that we put procedures in place for those who decide to worship in person. The Session decided to continue to encourage members to worship online. If members choose to come and worship in person, they will be encouraged (but not required) to wear a mask (provided by the church), sanitize their hands, and grab a bulletin (and communion elements) on their way in to the sanctuary. Doors will open at 10:50 am and we will abbreviate the worship service. We will encourage people to give their offering online, through the mail, or by dropping it in the baskets at the back of the sanctuary.

Rev. Rigoulot shared that he is not comfortable leaving the congregation in the midst of a

crisis, so the Sabbatical has been officially postponed until the summer of 2021.

The Faith Formation Ministry Team is working on various ways to stay connected to children,

youth and adults.

Property shared that Airmasters is working on three of our air conditioner units.

The Session determined that the building is not available for weddings or funerals at this time.

The Session accepted Marshall Young Insurance company’s offer to serve as co-sponsors for a truckload of food for the Cleburne Railroaders Home Plate Project which provides food for people in need every other Saturday. Marshall Young is willing to cover the entire cost of the truck. We need 30 volunteers to help load the food into people’s vehicles from 8-11 am on June 27.

Rev. Rigoulot concluded the meeting with a prayer.

May 18, 2020 Meeting

The Session met via Zoom on May 18 rather than May 26, to consider a couple of time

sensitive requests. Michael Galloway opened the meeting with prayer before Maryann

Chaffin read and the Session reflected on Psalm 1.

The Session approved the minutes from the Clerk.

The Session reviewed and approved the Financial Statement and Balance Sheet. The Session

is deeply appreciative of the generosity of our members in the midst of this public health


Rev. Rigoulot asked if the Session was willing to officially open the sanctuary for

worship. The Session decided to continue to encourage members to worship online.

However, the sanctuary is open for those who do not show signs of being sick and are

comfortable worshiping in person. The service will remain abbreviated to limit the risk by

reducing the amount of time in person worshipers share space with one another.

The BSA asked for permission to use the church for their annual banquet in June. The Session denied their request to use the building, but gave them permission to use the grounds.

The preschool teachers at Coleman Elementary School asked if they could use the church parking lot to host an end of year celebration with a Snow Cone Truck in the parking lot. The Session approved this request. The Session considered a similar event for the students of Sunshine Preschool. One of the elders volunteered to pay the fee for the Snow Cone Truck. It was suggested that the High School Graduates from our church be invited to come get a snow cone. All of these ideas were approved.

Intuba requested and the Session approved $600 to provide additional drip lines and buckets for the water well in Lupane, Zimbabwe.

The Session approved the building of a small community library (take one, leave one) in the grassy area between the parking lots on the East side of the church.

Rev. Rigoulot concluded the meeting with a prayer.

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